MOONS’ just launched a brand new product SS EtherCAT Step-Servo drive and motor.

The SS EtherCAT Step-Servo drives and motors are a new member of the SS series family, which is a closed loop control step motor system. The SS EtherCAT product can operate as a standard EtherCAT slave using CoE (CANopen over EtherCAT). It supports CiA 402 drive profile including Profile Position, Profile Velocity, Profile Torque, Cyclic Synchronous Position, Cyclic Synchronous Velocity and Homing modes. It also supports MOONS’ own Q mode. The SS EtherCAT drive can operate with NEMA 11/17/23/24/34 step motors. It can support auxiliary power supply for keep-alive operation. It also have STO (Safe Torque Off) function.