On 6th October 2015, Lin Engineering, the MOONS’ company, had been officially certified AS9100C qualification by NSF-ISR units. This compliance ensures that Step Motors and Drivers manufactured in Morgan Hill are in accordance with the Aviation, Space, and Defense Industry standard practices.

AS9100 compliant stepper motors

Although the certification is a new addition to organization, we have been involved with the aviation, space, and defense industries for over 20 years. Our motors are routinely used in applications such as satellite tracking systems for WIFI and inflight entertainment, cockpit gauges, and most notably, in the Northrop B-2 Spirit.

If you’re in a need of an AS9100 compliant step motor, speak with one of our Applications Specialists about your project. We’ll:

- Match you with the best motor for your application.
- Optimize it to your specific needs.