June 3rd, 2015 – Shanghai MOONS’ Electric Co., Ltd. acquired LIN ENGINEERING, INC. of Morgan Hill, CA, which is located in Silicon Valley, USA. It’s a milestone that MOONS’ will explore North America market further after the acquisition of Applied Motion Products in 2014.Line Engineering Buliding

The 0.9° hybrid stepper motor ratio of MOONS’ business would rise after the acquisition. Utilizing LIN’s patent technology would explore the medical instrumentation and aerospace avionics market of North America which requires qualified products strictly. And the acquisition would benefit for setting and completing the global application network of 0.9° stepper motor as well. Meanwhile, it can achieve a dominated position in the world with MOONS’ scale of manufacturing capability. Besides, LIN ENGINEERING has its own supply chain in US, Mainland China and Taiwan; after this acquisition both can share and integrate the sources and will perform much more effectively.

“This partnership didn’t happen by accident. We have built a reputation to attract many companies. Moons’ definitely is the right partner for us. I am excited about this transition and looking forward to what it will enable us to do.” said Mr. Ted T. Lin founder of LIN ENGINEERING.

LIN ENGINEERING, INC. was established in 1987,is the largest manufacturer of the 0.9 degree hybrid step motor in the World. Locates in Silicon Valley, USA where gathers top high-tech enterprises and talents, its’ products are mainly applied in Medical instrumentation, high level security monitoring device, aerospace avionics, etc. In 2014, Lin Engineering manufactured 550 thousand pcs 0.9º hybrid stepper motors. Ted was the first engineer to design a 0.9-degree stepper to meet the high track density, accuracy & fast access time for the hard disk drive requirements. In 1984, Warner Electric awarded him as “The Father of New Step Motor Technology at the Motion Control Systems Division”.