The STM series is Moons’ line of integrated stepper motors. The stepper motor and driver are combined into a single unit, offering significant savings on space, wiring, and cost over conventional motor and drive solutions. The STM series is part of the ST product family of stepper drives, sharing a common configuration interface and all supporting common programming languages and tools.

Powerful features such as Dynamic Current Control, Anti-Resonance Technology, Microstep Emulation, Torque Ripple Smoothing, Command Signal Smoothing and Stall Detection / Stall Prevention make this drive solution ideal for applications such as medical, packaging, factory automation, semiconductor, textile machines, pumps and a wide variety of other automation applications.

The STM23 series is available in lengths of 93 mm with an output torque of up to 0,85 Nm, or 115 mm with an output torque of up to 1,4 Nm. The more powerful STM24 series is available in length of 95 mm with an output torque of up to 1,2 Nm, or 126 mm with an output torque of up to 2,4 Nm. All series provide three digital inputs, one digital output and one analog output. Users can choose from an RS232 or RS485 or RS232 + CANopen communication interface and an optional 1000 line encoder that is integrated to the motor body without increasing the size of the unit. The optional encoder provides stall detect and stall prevention functionality.

Three versions with different control options are available:

S-Model Q-Model C-Model
(Basic Model) (S-Model + Q Programmer) (Q-Model + CANopen)
- Step & Direction - Stand-alone operation - CANopen protocols DS301+DSP402
- CW/CCW Pulse - Q Programmer for complex motion - Up to 127 axes per channel
- A/B Quadrature - Conditional processing
- Velocity (oscillator) mode - Math functions  
- Host commands (SCL) - Multi-tasking  
  - Register manipulation  
  - Encoder following