Shanghai MOONS’ Electric Acquires Applied Motion Products

Applied Motion Products Headquarter

June 1st, 2014
Shanghai MOONS’ Electric Co., Ltd. acquired Applied Motion Products, Inc. of Watsonville, CA, which was founded in 1978 and specializes in providing advanced stepper and servo motor drives to a broad range of industrial and OEM customers.

The acquisition of Applied Motion Products complements MOONS’ overall product offering of stepper, servo, brushless DC motors by providing enhanced drives and software. This investment is a major step forward in MOONS’ strategy of solidifying its position as a complete motion solution provider in North America and globally. The acquisition is also an expansion of the joint venture that was started in 2007 where AMP and MOONS’ shared technology and R&D in the development of motor drives. This will further enhance organizations by the integration of all resources and strengths including sales networks.

“We are pleased to see Applied Motion Products become part of the Moons’ team. In a globally competitive market place the combination of Applied Motion Products brand and leading edge motion technology together with Moons’ broad product offering, world class manufacturing capability and resources provides us with a sustainable competitive advantage.” said Dr. Macleod CEO of Applied Motion Products.

About Applied Motion Products, Inc.

Applied Motion Products, Inc., founded in 1978, specializes in high-precision, cost-effective motion control products, offering a full complement of stepper and servo, drives, motors, controllers, gearheads, and power supplies to serve a diverse industrial and OEM customer base.


MOONS’ STM Integrated Stepper Motor Applied in Asia’s Biggest Radio Telescope

STM Stepper Motors
Asia’s biggest radio telescope, as large as eight basketball courts with a diameter of 65 meters and height of 70 meters, was unveiled at the foot of Sheshan Mountain in Shanghai During Oct 28th 2012. The giant radio dish will become the main observation device for various subjects such as radio astronomy, geodynamics and space science, etc in China even around the world. The first frequency bands will be used in tracking China’s lunar probes.

As the key system of the massive radio telescope, the main reflector which was developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University adopted AMP & MOONS’ actuator motion control solution. The actuator motion control solution used 1104 pieces of STM23S-3RE motors researched and developed by AMP & MOONS’ independently. The actuator sample has passed a series of rigorous tests such as continuous operation testing, high and low temperature environment testing, electromagnetic compatibility testing, anti-interference testing and surge immunity testing carried out by Shanghai Observatory during Oct 2009 and Feb 2010.

MOONS’ STM Integrated Stepper Motors combine the stepping motor and drive technology perfectly, adopt internationally advanced digital driving science and ensure excellent performance like high-speed torque, low noise, small vibration and brilliant electromagnetic compatibility. AMP & MOONS’ STM series support highly accurate encoder feedback to guarantee the system stable and reliable; the STM series are highly intelligent, available to support bus communication control and suitable for multi-axis motion control.